Popular Types of Metal Roofs in Ontario – Pros and Cons

Popular Types of Metal Roofs in Ontario – Pros and Cons

We've talked about the many benefits of metal roofs for residential homes in Ontario, including its durability, longevity, and little maintenance requirements when installed properly.  There are actually many types of metal roofs, each with their own pros and cons.  In Ontario, the three of the most popular material used for metal roofs in Ontario are Copper, Aluminum and Steel roofs, with steel metal roofs taking up large percentage of metal roof installations.

Copper Metal Roofs

Cooper roofs have been around the longest, and use worldwide for centuries.  They are very lightweight and put the least amount of stress on the home’s structure compared to other metal material. They are also extremely durable (lasting over hundreds of years), energy-efficient as it reflects the sun, and is aesthetically pleasing.

However, copper roofs are very expensive.  The seasonal change in temperatures in Ontario would lead to expansion and contraction of the material, which may require special care and maintenance.  Over time, copper roofs may also develop a greenish layer (patina), which could lead to staining along siding/brick/wood due to run-off from rain.

Aluminum Metal Roofs

Aluminum roofs are known for their resistance to corrosion and rust.  They are recyclable, durable, lightweight and easy to install. They are also much cheaper than copper roofs.

However, aluminum roofs don’t hold their original colour, are prone to denting, and may require more maintenance due to the contraction and expanding of the material from seasonal temperature changes.

Steel Metal Roofs

Steel roofs are very durable and can withstand extreme climates and corrosion for over sixty years, and offers the best return on investment over the life of the roof. The steel material doesn’t expand or contract due to temperature fluctuations, and also comes in a variety of different colours and profiles. 

The main drawback for steel roofs is that it requires adequate draining to prevent standing water, which may eventually corrode the metal.  Experienced and qualified metal roofing contractors will ensure that proper draining are in place during installation. 

Nailed It Roofing & Construction has been installing metal roofing systems for over ten years.  While we have experience installing various types of metal roofing material, we specialize in Steel Metal Roofs given its suitability to Ontario’s climate.  The material we use for metal roof installation is from Solid Steel, an established European metal roof brand known for its durability, modern design and top quality. Manufactured in Germany, every single metal panel from Solid Steel is stamped with a serial number complete with the time and date of the manufacture date as proof of the material’s quality.

In addition to the profiled metal roof tiles, we also do custom standing seam metal roofs to meet the aesthetic preferences of the homeowner.

If you're considering metal roofs for your home, contact us and we’d be happy to speak to you about the pros and cons of the various types of metal roofs.