How We Install a Metal Roof to Ensure a Long Lasting Roof

How We Install a Metal Roof to Ensure a Long Lasting Roof

There are many advantages to installing metal roofs for residential homes in Ontario, with the top reason being that it is extremely durable. However, as with any type of roof, no matter what the material, proper installation is key to ensure a long lasting metal roof.  At Nailed It Roofing, we have been installing metal roofs for over ten years and have the experience and training to replace your roof.  In this article, we wanted to outline the steps we take when installing your steel metal roof.  We’ve used pictures of various metal roofing jobs we’ve done to show what each step entails.

Step 1: Inspection of roof deck and existing roof shingles

The first step to every metal roof installation is the inspection of the roof deck to ensure the slope is clean of debris. For new builds/custom home, we will want a minimum plywood thickness of ½ inch. For existing homes, steel metal roofs can go over top of shingles.

Inspection and preparation of roof deck for metal roof installation

Step 2: Apply breathable underlayment

After the roof deck has been inspected and cleaned, we apply our breathable synthetic underlayment to the entire roof. Underlayment is important to any roof system by repelling water and giving an extra layer of protection between the roof deck and metal panels.

Installation of synthetic underlayment over roof deck

Step 3: Install wood strapping

Over top the underlayment, we install vertical and horizontal strapping which is where the metal roof will be attached. The vertical wooding strapping is nailed down to the rafters of the roof. Once the vertical strapping is installed, we begin to either shim the roof for perfect levelling, or if the roof is already leveled, we begin to install the horizontal wooden strapping.

Installation of vertical and horizontal strapping

Step 4: Install metal flashings

At this stage we install all the metal flashing - starting from the drip edge to gable flashing, and chimney flashing. We also make sure our ridge vent is cut out and covered with mesh wire to prevent animal entry into the attic.

Metal roof valley installation. Left side is strapped and ready for metal panels while the right side is completed and ready for ice stopper installation.

Another shot of the metal roof valley installation with wooden strapping and plumbing stack with ice stoppers

Installation of a rake or gable section of the roof. All flashings are in, along with the wooden strapping, and is now ready for field metal panels to be installed.

Chimney Flashing on Metal Roof

Drip edge and Gutter on metal roof

Step 5: Install metal panels

Once all the metal flashing have been installed, we are now ready to put on the metal panels. While there are many types of metal roofing materials that can be used such as aluminum and copper, at Nailed It Roofing, steel metal is our preferred metal roofing material for its longevity and ability to withstand the climate fluctuations in Ontario. Steel metal roof also comes in many different profiles and colours so homeowners have a lot of options to choose from.

Metal roof panel on lower portion of home with completed slope and wall flashing

Step 6: Install hip and ridge caps

Once the roof or slopes are all covered with metal panels, we begin to install all of our hip and ridge capping (along with gable flashing). If the roof requires any additional ventilation (like solar vents or exhaust vents), it is installed during this stage.

This image shows hip capping meeting the ridge

This image shows metal roof meeting wall flashing meeting, counter and rake flashing

Step 7: Install ice stoppers

The last stage is adding the ice stoppers to prevent any possible damages due to ice damming, or injury from falling pieces of ice.

This image shows completed slope with ice stoppers

This image shows a completed lower part of the roof and all rake flashing installed in preparation for the ridge vent to be installed

At Nailed It Roofing, we have the qualifications and experience to install metal roofing for your home. We also have full-time specialized metal roofers who have completed the "Certificate of Training" for steel metal roofing installation to ensure the quality and integrity of your metal roof installation. Contact us today and we will be happy to provide you with more information about the benefits of steel metal roof. We also offer two financing options to help out with a new metal roof installation.