Metal Roofing Installation

Metal Roofing Installation

Nailed It Roofing & Construction has a team of specialized metal roof installers. Each crew member has completed a “Certificate of Training”, accrediting them the qualification and knowledge in metal roof installation. Combining our professional metal roofers and German-manufactured materials, each metal roof we install are of the highest standard.

Metal roofs has been around for decades and was traditionally used for commercial buildings for its durability. This building material has since been fine tuned for residential use, making it affordable while keeping its benefits of energy efficiency, prolonged longevity, minimal maintenance, aesthetically superior than traditional roofing material and environmentally friendly.

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Why Choose Metal Roofing

Installing a metal roof on your house has many benefits. Here we outline the top three benefits you can reap for being a metal roof owner:

  1. Extreme durability and extended life-span: Metal is proven to last 2 to 3 times longer than asphalt shingles, is able to withstand all the elements, and is resistant to animal damage, mold and fire.
  2. Energy-efficient and requires less maintenance: As metal is reflective, electrical costs are reduced up to 25% in the summer.
  3. Environmentally friendly: Asphalt shingles require more frequent replacement, resulting in almost 20 billion pounds of landfill per year. On the other hand, metal is recyclable, is installed over top of shingles (preventing waste), and can last up to 100 years before replacing.

Click here for an in-depth look at all the benefits metal roofs have to offer. You can also contact us and we'll be happy to go through the benefits of metal roofs and whether it is the right roofing material for your home.

Why Choose NailedIt Roofing for your Metal Roof

We Use Top Grade Material

At Nailed It Roofing & Construction, we only use the best materials available on the market.  As such, we use Solid Steel, a European metal roof brand which has been an industry leader for 50 years and known for its durability, modern design and top quality. Manufactured in Germany, every single panel from Solid Steel is stamped with a serial number complete with the time and date of the manufacture date.

Quality Installation

In addition to the using top grade material, a key element to constructing a solid metal roof is the installation process.  Nailed It Roofing & Construction has full-time specialized metal roofers who have completed the “Certificate of Training” for metal roofing installation.  This certificate represents the knowledge each trained roofer has and ensures the quality and integrity of the metal roof installation.

Steel Metal Roof Options

Metal Roof is a roofing system that utilizes metal materials for the tiles on the top layer. There are different materials used for metal roof: copper, aluminum and steel.

At Nailed It Roofing & Construction, we chose to specialize in steel metal roofs because of the material’s characteristics that benefit Ontario’s extreme weather conditions. From its exceptional durability to withstand climate fluctuations and corrosion, steel does not expand and contract. With traditional roofing materials, this change in temperature will affect the integrity of the roof over time.

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Steel Roof Profiles

Steel metal roofs comes in a variety of profiles to meet the various aesthetic preferences of homeowners. They also come in many different colour options which allows you to find the one that best suits your style.

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Custom Standing Seam Metal Roofs

Standing seam metal roofs are a unique and attractive type of roofing often used by homeowners. They offer the same durability as profiled metal tiles but with more customization options to meet your specific style preferences.

A standing seam metal roof is a type of metal roofing that uses overlapping metal panels with raised seams and concealed fasteners for a more modern look.

One benefit of standing seam metal roofs over profiled metal tiles is that it can be fully customized to meet your aesthetic preferences, while still offering the same longevity, durability and minimal maintenance requirements that comes with metal roofs.

At Nailed It Roofing & Construction, we have a custom metal work division  to create custom-tailed standing seam roof panels for your home. Contact us today for a custom metal roof quote.

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