Most Common Roofing Problems Found During Roof Inspections in the GTA

Most Common Roofing Problems Found During Roof Inspections in the GTA

Your roof is one of the most important aspects of your home; however, homeowners typically forget about maintenance and inspections. The integrity of a roof, and whether a replacement or repair is needed, is usually only considered when it's too late—when there's a visible water stain or pieces of shingles are found around the property. There may only be some minor issues with your existing roof, but if left unnoticed, those minor issues will become greater and more costly over time. That being said, read about the most common issues found during roof inspections and consider if it's time to get a roof inspection done by one of the professionals at Nailed It Roofing & Construction.

Missing Shingles/Exposed Plywood

One of the most popular and common damages found during a roof inspection is missing shingles and/or finding exposed plywood, likely caused by heavy wind storms, animals or deteriorating due to age.

Many outdated roofs will not have an underlayment under the shingles, which increases the risk of damages, when shingles are blown off or plywood is exposed. It is most common for outdated 3-tab shingles to blow off, and to find small rectangular shingle tabs around the property. It is important to cover any exposed areas immediately to avoid further damage inside the attic and/or home. If you find yourself finding new tabs every season, it is important to consider a roof replacement and upgrade to architectural shingles with higher winder resistance.


Poor Ventilation

It is important to ensure that your roof has the adequate amount of vents, to ensure proper ventilation. A few possible signs of your roof having insufficient ventilation is warping/ wavy plywood, mold growth which is caused from trapped moisture, as well as dark staining around your existing roof vents, which is a sign that too much warm air is pushing through the openings. Leaving this unnoticed can cause extreme damages to your whole roof structure and frame.

Lack of Insulation

During the winter season, have you ever noticed that some homes will have more snow on their roofs, compared to others? You may think that having less snow on your roof is a good sign, however it is not. If the snow on your roof is melting faster than surrounding homes, it is most likely a sign of insufficient attic insulation.

Attic insulation acts like a blanket, keeping all of the air in your home rising, more contained. If you are lacking insulation, that warm air during the winter season will rise into the attic, causing the snow to melt at a quicker rate. The current standard for attic insulation grading in Ontario is R-60, meaning you need a specific amount of insulation in the attic in order to meet the requirement. On average, typically 25% of every homes heat escapes through the attic. Ensure your attic insulation levels meet the requirements to improve energy efficiency and increase savings.


Animal Damage

Animals may also cause damage to areas of the roof where they believe there is an access point for them to nest. If the access point is blocked off, the animals will typically find another home or area.

Another very common issue found amongst roof inspections are chewed up vents, which allow animals to enter the attic for habitation and nesting. If a roof has plastic or aluminum vents installed, it is susceptible to animal damage. A simple change from plastic/ aluminum vents to animal proof galvanized steel vents, will immediately deter any animals trying to access the attic from the vents

Deteriorated Sealants/Caulking

Unfortunately, there is no sealant out in the market that has a 100% lifetime guarantee. Sealants are commonly used amongst roofing projects to ensure any exposed nails or seems are covered to ensure water cannot get through. Sealants are most commonly found on the accessories of the roof including roof and bathroom vents, plumbing stack boots, ridge caps and flashings. Overtime, the sealants will deteriorate as they are exposed to all of the weather conditions. Thus, it is important to get an inspection done to ensure the sealants are intact and there are no points of entry for water leaks.

Where you have missing shingles and roof damage or roof ventilation and insulation issues, we have roof experts that can fix both sloped and flat roofs. You can also contact us for a roof inspection within the GTHA, from Toronto to Mississauga all the way to Hamilton and Brantford. Contact us today.