Eaves, Soffit, Fascia, Siding and Metal Works

Eaves, Soffit, Fascia, Siding and Metal Works

Nailed It Roofing & Construction has invested in a separate crew that strictly specializes in metal works such as eavestroughs, soffits, fascia, siding, chimney flashings and custom metal coping. Contact us if you need to repair or replace any or all of them and our team will help you find the right solution for your problem.

It is important that your soffit, fascia and eavestrough are accurately installed to ensure proper water flow in your gutters, air ventilation in your attic, and the protection of your property's underlying structure.

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Nailed It Roofing also offers financing options to help lighten your load.

Eavestroughs and Gutters

Eavestroughs (or gutters) play a vital role in redirecting the amount of water that flows off your roof. A damaged, blocked or broken eavestrough prevents it from doing its job properly and should be repaired or replaced immediately to avoid costly damages to your home.

With Ontario’s distinguished four seasons, our roof and gutters take a toll with all the water and debris that passes through it all year long. Although you may be able to spot a damaged eaves through noticeable leaks, chances are the problem maybe more serious and may have persisted for a while.

Salvaging your current eavestrough is always our first priority. However there are times where gutter repairs and/or resealing gutter seams just won’t do the trick. Seamless gutter is a great alternative because there is a less chance of gutter leakage, therefore improving drainage efficiency.

Having eavestrough problems? Contact us and one of our specialist will diagnose the issue and advise you on the recommended solution.


Soffits and Fascia Repair and Replacement

Soffits, which is found on the underside of eaves, plays an important role towards a long lasting roof because it allows ventilation and airflow through the attic space. Soffits causes cold air to go into the attic which pushes hot air out. By doing so, it helps prevent moisture buildups thus reducing the chance of condensation, asbestos, and mold formations.

Fascia is located at the end of the roof. Similar to soffits, these protective boards provide protection to the underlying material of your property’s structure by blocking moisture from entering. It also forms a transition between the roof deck to soffit in an appealing way.

Regular inspection and maintenance are recommended to ensure the soffit and fascia are functioning properly. Rotting, warping, clogging (with debris or water) etc. are some common problems that arise and should be repaired or replaced immediately to avoid further damages.

Many older homes in the GTA have closed (not vented) soffits.  If your property still have closed soffits, it is highly recommended that they are replaced with vented soffits to allow for properly airflow and ventilation.

Custom Metal Work & Standing Seam

Nailed It Roofing & Construction is your one-stop-shop for all your roofing and aluminum needs.  From metal roofing and eaves, soffit and fascia to custom coping, standing seam and ventilation systems, our aluminum division team will help you find the right solution for your problem.

Siding Installation

Siding plays an important role in protecting the home from harsh weather elements including rain, snow and wind. A properly installed siding not only seals out moisture and serves as the first line of insulation, it also prevents pests like insects and rodents from entering your home. Lastly, siding also helps the curb appeal of your home by improving its aesthetics.

Nailed It Roofing installs both aluminum or vinyl siding for residential homes. We recommend the regular inspection and maintenance of your siding to ensure they are functioning properly.

Contact Nailed Roofing & Construction to learn more about aluminum or vinyl siding options and to get a free quote.

Used Nailed It services for replacing the roof and the gutters, after I saw them working on my neighbor house. Their roof quotation was in the mid range of a total of 5 quotes, offering better quality products. The team arrived in time, they worked hard and extremely well and finished by the end of the day. After two weeks, another team came to replace the gutters. Daniel was extremely quick, coming up with excellent problem solving solutions...

D. Cheoreanu