Importance of Proper Skylight Installation on Shingled Roofs

Importance of Proper Skylight Installation on Shingled Roofs

Skylights are a great way to brighten up areas that are otherwise dark or lack natural light.  The best rooms to add skylights in your home are the kitchen, bedrooms or bathrooms. That said, skylights can be installed in any room to bring in more sunlight or better ventilation.

There are many things to consider prior to installing a skylight. From choosing the right type of skylight, to the placement and installation, it is recommended to hire a reputable roofing company that has experience with installing skylights rather than attempting it on your own.

Installing skylights require cutting the roof and precise measurements to ensure a tight fit to avoid leaking.  If any errors occur during the installation process, it may weaken the roof’s structure and lead to future damages. For peace of mind that this doesn't happen, work with certified skylight installers like Velux Certified Installers who are trained to ensure all steps are followed to produce the best skylight installation with the best products.

Skylight Installation – Exterior Shingled Roof View

1. After the drywall is cut from the inside and the frame of the skylight is roughed in on the roof, shingles are removed.

The roof is then cut open according to the skylight’s positioning.

2. Underlayment is placed around the skylight opening with a 3 inch space around all four sides.

3. Shingles around the skylights are reinstalled and the bottom sill of the flashing is secured.  This also helps prevent water from leaking around the skylight. Shingles are placed over the bottom sill.  Step flashing is attached along all sides followed by the counterflashing and saddle flashing.

4. The skylight is then placed in the center of the opening and securely attach to the roof using nails or screws.

Roofing felt and membrane are secured around all edges.  This will act as a waterproofing barrier to prevent leakage.

If you are looking to add skylights to your roof or have questions on different skylight options, contact Nailed It Roofing & Constructions. All our roofing experts are Velux Certified Installers and have been securing skylights to shingled and flat roofs.