Primary causes of Roof leaks

Top 5 Causes of Roof Repairs in Ontario

Any homeowner in Ontario will inevitably be faced with roofing problems given our four-season climate. As roofs age, and with roof shingles being constantly exposed to the elements, roof repairs are common and can be performed throughout the year. Below are the most common causes for why roofs need to be repaired.

  • Wind Damages
  • Temperature Change Damages
  • Aged Roofs
  • Drainage System Damages (Gutters)
  • Ventilation System Damages

Wind Damage: Roofs can be damaged by wind gusts that are stronger than 60KM and above. Shingles tear or blown out will eventually result in water leakage since the materials installed under the shingle is not completely waterproof and will deteriorate. If roof shingles are missing, it should be repaired immediately. Any delay will cause other damage to the roof and other contents of your family home.

Temperature Change Damages: As residents of Ontario, the distinguished four seasons with temperature fluctuating from +30 to – 30 degrees Celsius in the summer to winter creates drastic expansion and contraction to your roof. Nail holes in the shingles expand and water (from rainfall or melting of snow) will enter these gaps causing roofs to leak. When left unaddressed (and usually roof leaks are not be visible), the problem area may continuously be damp, which becomes a breeding ground for mold.

Aged Roofs: When the roof is at the later stage of its lifespan, the shingle will start to crack, rise, warp and shift causing leaks and damages to your roof. For your information, the life expectancies of roofs using asphalt shingle range 15 – 18 years and architectural shingle range between 24 – 30 years.

Drainage System Damages: This vital system of the roof must work properly to avoid water build ups, which if left unattended can cause roof materials to deteriorate due to gutters being clogged (fallen leaves and debris). It must be cleaned immediately to avoid roof flooding and damages.

Ventilation System Damages: Proper ventilation system is crucial to ensure the integrity of the roof and attic. Without a proper ventilation system, excess heat and humidity will result in condensation and eventually mold. In addition, poorly installed vents will lead to leaks around the seams.

With the expertise at Nailed It Roofing & Construction and an average of 10-15 roof repairs per day, we do not recommend that home owners ignore roofs that are faulty in nature as it safeguard your most valuable assets. We also recommend every homeowner to perform an annual Spring maintenance to ensure all aspect of the roof is functioning properly. When you notice signs of roof damage, such as roof leaks and missing shingles, it is best that you seek reputable roofers to repair the problem areas immediately. Delaying or applying ‘quick fixes’ will only lead to a bigger roof problem in the future. In some severe cases, the roof may need to be completely replaced, causing additional stress and added cost. Hiring an experienced and reputable roofing company is also key to avoid ongoing roof repairs. Click here to find out "How to Choose a Roofing Contractor" to ensure your roof is fixed properly.

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